– n°1 horizontal lathe CNC Schiess-Froriep, max diameter 4900 mm, max length 20 m.
– n°1 vertical lathe CNC Imuab-Toshiba, max diameter 8500 mm, max height 5000 mm, with 1 head for turning and 1 head for milling/drilling.
– n°2 horizontal boring machines CNC, working area X=19000 mm, Y=4000 mm, Z=2400 mm, with 100 ton CNC revolving table 3500x3500.
– n°1 horizontal lathe CNC, max diameter 3000 mm, max length 2100 mm.
– n°1 horizontal lathe Poreba, max diameter 900 mm, max length 6 m.
– n°1 drilling line length 16,6 m with radial drilling machine Kolb.
– n°2 radial drilling machine.
– n°1 oxyfuel and HD plasma cutting machihe CNC dimension 3000x12000 mm.
– n°1 Hauesler 4-roller plate bending machine, max width 3000 mm x 100 mm thickness.
– n°1 CNC Faccin 4-roller plate bending machine, max width 3000 mm x 60 mm thickness.
– n°3 plate bending machine.
– n°1 submerged arc welding system consisting of a portal with a welding head and 1 grinding head, and a manipulator with welding head for internal working, in a 30 m length line with a 60 ton welding table.
– n°4 submerged arc welding system.
– n°2 shearing machines up to 20 mm.
– n°2 bending machines up to 160 ton.
– n°2 presses up to 250 ton.

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